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Partnering with our Parents

Real Strategies for Distance Learning

Through COVID-19

Presented by New York State Assembly Majority Leader

Crystal Peoples-Stokes

Facebook Live Online Conference   @cpeoplesstokes


Moderated by: Dr. Marck Abraham

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Parents, we understand that distance learning may be frustrating for you!

NYS Assembly Majority Leader, Crystal Peoples-Stokes, wants to help. She is hosting a free panel discussion with some of the brightest educators in the country.

Joining the panel will be:

  • Dr. Anael Alston, Assistant Commissioner NYS Education Department
  • Dr. Luvelle Brown, Ithaca City Superintendent
  • Karen Watts, Executive Superintendent, Brooklyn North NYCDOE
  • David C. Banks, President & CEO, Eagle Academy Foundation

This free event allows you direct access to some of the brightest educators in the country. These educators will provide parents with real strategies to make this transition a bit easier.

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The Turnaround Strategist

Dr. Marck Abraham is a transformational leader with a wealth of experience in urban education. He is committed to providing a world-class educational experience that ensures all students achieve their goals of post-secondary college and fulfilling careers. His mission has been to create environments that assist students to reach their maximum potential in life.

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Eckerd Connects

Eckerd Connects’ mission is to: Provide and share solutions that promote the well-being of children, young adults and families in need. Since their groundbreaking day back in 1968, Eckerd Connects has grown to help hundreds of thousands of clients get the second chance that everyone deserves. Eckerd Connects is committed to not only providing the solutions that help struggling families thrive, but also sharing these solutions with others.

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Based on primary research and fortified in extensive experience, MEA Keynote Presentations, deliver eye-opening content that equips the audience with meaningful practices that add visible value. Presentations are modular in their framing and can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Our material is engineered for retention, imparting complex concepts with simplicity. The scope of topics gives a bifocal perspective from both the balcony and the dance floor. In each presentation, we identify the dynamics that can create either a robust or atrophic educational ecosystem.

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Entrenched Implementation that deploys site-specific strategies post the completion of your informed training. 

Once you have completed your comprehensive training, MEA works intimately with your team to develop and deploy a targeted plan of action. Data is our foundation. This information is used to triangulate the most efficient approach to achieving the most effective goals. Your plan of action is then implemented under the complete guidance and support of educational veterans.

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Meet the MEA President and Founder, Dr. Marck E. Abraham


Thoughts from Our Supporters

Mr. Abraham’s leadership style is open, collaborative, results-oriented, data-driven, and focused on solving rather than producing problems.  High expectations for student achievement is at the center of his vision for the school.

He is a strong, calm presence in the school every day and is hardworking and ethical; he is respectful and is respected.  He is a continuous learner, self-evaluative, a change agent, driven above all by the desire to develop young people to their highest potential.

Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash, Buffalo Public Schools

Suspensions are down, attendance is up. We are seeing Math test scores up, English test scores up. We are seeing graduations rates up, so overall, seeing many things to celebrate in the Buffalo Public Schools. We are seeing real progress in Buffalo Public Schools,” remarked Mayor Brown (upon honoring a select few of exemplary principals in which included Dr. Marck Abraham).

Mayor Byron W. Brown, City of Buffalo


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