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Why Real-Estate: The Real, The Raw, and The Riches

Proven strategies to produce financial freedom.

Facilitators: Dr. Marck Abraham and Mr. Quinton Smith.

This is an outstanding series featuring an expert in real estate who has successfully accomplished buying and selling over 50 properties nationally.


First-time homebuyers, Real-Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, and anyone interested in gaining financial freedom.

If you want to make more money and live a better life, this is the course for you. These 2 online courses will start your journey to true financial freedom. We will be offering great insights and most importantly, specific strategies and tools to jumpstart your real-estate investment needs!

Dr. Marck Abraham, President/CEO of MEA Consulting Services LLC, partnered with Mr. Quinton Smith, President/CEO of Triton Ventures Real Estate LLC, to educate individuals with successful strategies on how to add $2k-10k passive income to their household.

Mr. Quinton Smith is a highly respected businessman in New York State. He owns several successful businesses. He is most noted for having bought and sold fifty properties nationally. He has a passion for helping and educating individuals on creating generational wealth and a better for themselves and their posterity.

Dr. Marck Abraham is a highly respected educator and business owner nationally. Dr. Abraham’s company MEA Consulting Services LLC, is one of the fastest-growing consulting companies in the country. He specializes in training leaders to lead, with a primary focus on increasing graduation rates among young men of color. One core value of MEA Consulting Services LLC, is a belief that knowledge is power. We must continue to seek education.

Register now. Online Conference Series runs: May 21st and 28th. Each session is from 6:00-7:00PM EST.

Register now. Online Conference Series runs: May 21st and 28th. Each session is from 6:00-7:00PM EST.

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Exactly How … to Improve Graduation Rates for Young Men of Color

Learn from the Work and Research of Dr. Marck Abraham

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This five-part series captures the research, Dr. Marck Abraham, has completed on improving results for young males of color.

This series is full of power-packed strategies for increasing graduation rates for men of color, and actually all students!

We encourage secondary administrators, superintendents and assistant superintendents, counselors and school-based leadership teams, to participate.

This series covers five critical topics:

  1. On Time, On Track – The March to Graduation
  2. We Care- The Culture of Success
  3. Relevant, Responsive Curricula- Get It Right
  4. Building Not Breaking- Change Your Words…Communicating with Men of Color
  5. Every Student Has a Voice- Make it Happen!

A thought leader in education, Dr. Marck Abraham has completed extensive research on improving results for men of color. He has recently authored several articles and publications, completed his dissertation in this area, and will be publishing his book, “What Success Looks Like for Men of Color” this fall.

Dr. Abraham and his company, MEA Consultants, in partnership with Penny Ciaburri of PLC Associates, Inc. have teamed up to create and deliver this game-changer for your district and school!