Black Male Graduation : Hitting the Mark

This presentation uncovers the scarcely researched, yet malignant prevalence of Black Males failing to graduate from secondary school. Despite billions of tax dollars, multiple federal initiatives, and millions of lives experiencing perpetual hardship due to being under-educated; the gap between Black Males and their White cohorts continues to grow.  In this discussion, we expose the irrefutable strategies of school leaders that are successfully bringing Black Males across the finish line at exceptional rates. Audience members will examine the oftentimes subconscious mindsets and ill-informed practices that can have a crippling effect on the potential of this highly capable, albeit overlooked population. All of which, inevitably results in weakening the presence and credibility of the institute, as a whole.

Listen and takes notes as we bring the house down and lift the audience to their feet in this unforgettable presentation that will open minds and hearts to the importance of the well-being of the entire student body and provide specific tools to create the healthy integration of Black Males into the graduating class.

School Turnaround

A complete 180-degree turnaround is a remarkable feat that can be realized through the tested and proven methodologies that are the foundation of MEA Consultants. In one of the most challenging school districts in the nation, our leader shares his equations and those of fellow educational leaders that have juxtaposed the reality of poor-performing schools against their awaiting success. The dive here is deep, as we explore every angle in the educational multifold system and its many intrinsic moving parts. Participants will take away leadership concepts that are ideal for school development, scheduling maneuvers to maximize the limited resource of time,  and the secret behind relationship building to increase the efficacy of every lesson plan.

This hands-on experience will challenge participants to add success factors, subtract failing approaches, and multiply their collective efforts to create a turnaround that will remain in the pages of the school’s records for ages.

Leadership Under Fire

This talk confronts the pressures to concede with the detractions of both real existential and assumed internal threats. The tactics used by media and persons with an agenda to keep status quos on par with mediocracy are outlined and combated in this candid discussion. When change for the better is on the horizon, we as leaders must anticipate and make provision to secure ourselves and our organizations from the onslaught of personal and professional attacks. This is the boiling point, and ultimately it is not meant to wither us but to fortify our practice and elevate our effectiveness.

Educational leaders on all levels will:

1. Relive the moments they felt the least effective

2. Challenge themselves to identify each trojan horse intended to impede and undermine their progress and

3. Through the lens of revered educational giants, rescript their plan of engagement.

Sculpting Superior Educational Leaders

There is a superior work of art that exists in any person with the courage and heart to educate others. It is the charge of the craftsman to refine, intuit, and listen to the guidance of this inner masterpiece as it seeks to reveal itself. This was Michelangelo’s way of teaching us transformational leadership through his infamous sculpture of David; he stated that David was always there, it was my duty to bring him out. Many times, either from novelty or years gone by, that our concrete purpose and burning passion for teaching gets lost in the rubble of reality. In this special conversation, we pull back from the mechanicality can that become our day to day routine. to ask how are we relating to our invaluable faculty and staff, what are we learning from them, how are we investing in their development, and when was the last time we connected with them beyond the planners and documents.

No matter if you are a teacher, a principal, an administrator, a superintendent, or a board member, we are saving a seat for you. We encourage all those in education to enjoy this heartfelt talk, delivered with gem-like lucidity meant to soften our edges and reconnect us to what matters – supporting one another in order to be the best we can be, for all of our children.

Talk with U.U.S. – Understanding Urban Students

We all are well aware of the difference in being “talk to” and “talking with”. The former is a one-way experience, while the latter is a two-way conversation. Urban youth are faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges even before they enter school grounds, only to have their frustrations compounded by deep-seated stereotypes, prerequisites to fit a mold that this not of their own, and a voice that is muted by assumptions. Is this an environment that bolsters excellence and celebrates diversity? No. Unfortunately, we find that this is the default environment that is created from neglecting to make genuine efforts to understand the perspective, culture, language, interests, challenges, and dreams of urban and especially Black and Latino students.

This discussion echoes the message hidden in their silence and the pleas waiting to be heard between the words that are spoken. The science of communication that is shared in this presentation will give your students the voice to lead them to the vision that they see for themselves. This is where we as educators, realize that we have been the students – all along.

Change the Narrative

Inundation, in today’s world is the modus operandi of opinion makers and influencers. It is as if, once someone speaks or writes a thing it is considered true. This presentation places educational leaders back into the driver seat of their personal brand and the brand of their institutes. Fortunately, we are well outfitted with tools to make broadcasting our message consistent, coherent, and collaborative. As audience members engage in this Smart Talk, they will learn more about the mechanisms available to readily change the narrative and initiate a positive brand for their establishments, no matter the size of their sphere of influence.

Branding is done every day, by everyone. Here, we demonstrate how to do so intently and not by happenstance.