Marck In The News

Dr. Abraham is a transformational leader with a wealth of experience in urban education. He is committed to providing a world-class educational experience that ensures all students achieve their goals of post-secondary college and fulfilling careers. His mission has been to create environments that assist students to reach their maximum potential in life. 


With more than ten years of experience in education, he currently serves as the principal of McKinley High School. He successfully oversees the daily workings of the largest CTE schools in Buffalo, which is the second largest urban school district in NY. In this role, he handles the budgets, manages serious personnel issues, and acts as a school representative in the community.


Furthermore, Marck oversees staff development and trainings, creates and maintains community partnerships, and increases productivity while containing costs. At McKinley, he has shown success by increasing graduation rates, decreasing negative behaviors within the school, raising teacher expectations, providing instructional focus to schools, and increasing parental involvement. In addition, he has experience at both elementary and secondary levels in developing and implementing policies, initiatives, and systems to continually boost efficiency and performance.


Marck is the CEO and founder of MEA Consulting, LLC. MEA offers real estate management, educational lectures, workshops, training, and personal coaching. Marck is an educator, transformational leader, instructional leader, administrator, motivational speaker, and educational consultant. Additionally, he has experience speaking on radio shows, at schools, churches, conferences, and many community-based organizations.


Marck’s school has been recognized as a NYS Black Male Graduation Rate Model School and NYS CTE Model School. He was named Principal of the Year in 2018  and established the first Buffalo Urban Teacher Academy.

Marck is of Haitian descent and he grew up in Miami, Florida. He moved to Buffalo on a football scholarship while seeking to play Division IA football. Taking the discipline and work ethic from the field to the classroom, he developed a passion for education and felt compelled to impact young men after his two close friends were killed. He is also a loving father who values faith and family. Marck enjoys reading, music, lifting weights, and traveling. He is a big guy in stature with an even bigger personality, a commanding force both physically and inspirationally. He also strongly believes that “When wishing won’t, work will,” and his favorite Nelson Mandela quote is: “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”